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The Main Garden offers thousands of beautiful flowers and a small campfire area which will warm you as you enjoy a beautiful nightfall.

The garden also offers La Pérgola, where you will be able to have breakfast, lunch and dinner or just enjoy a warm cup of coffee or tea in the afternoon. At La Pérgola, you will find a dining and sitting area in addition to a Japanese style Teppanyaki!

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At Santa Inés, you will enjoy a luxurious Equestrian Center with 16 stalls and 2 riding arenas (one rectangular with 9000 sq/feet and the other circular of 3000 sq/feet) for your riding pleasure.

You may also take private lessons, or if you wish, our beautiful horses will be at your disposal to wander the trails providing you an unforgettable equestrian experience.


Walking distance from the Main House is the Petting Zoo, where you and your little ones can enjoy playing with and feeding rabbits, baby chicks, young calves, precious piglets, lambs and more!

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At the Greenhouse, you can experience firsthand and learn about our organic and hydroponic horticulture, complete from seed planting to harvesting.

Don't forget the picnic basket because at the conservatory you can choose the freshest and juiciest herbs and vegetables for your personal Chef to prepare.

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Enjoy our choice of Barbecue Areas, either open-air or bungalow style, where our fine Chef will prepare a savory and customized "Argentina Style Parrilla" using only the finest meats, shellfish, seafood, and vegetables from your choosing.

While you and your guests are relaxing and enjoying the sound of wood crackling and sumptuous aromas, steps away in the Pine Forest is the Children's Tree House where little ones can play, paint and ignite their imagination while you enjoy your delicious meal.

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Make a special trip and have a picnic at the Lagoon, where you will enjoy a peaceful afternoon surrounded by wonderful landscapes.

From the months of August through December, you may have the good fortune to come across some trout and, with a little luck, you might be able to hook one for show and tell!

At this magnificent fully fenced Hacienda, you will find more than 14 Miles of Trails, ranging in difficulty from easy to challenging. Use the trails at your leisure to walk, jog, run, ride an ATV or simply enjoy the scenery while searching for different species of native birds like the Quetzal, the Yigüirro, pigeons, hawks and animals, such as deer, sheep, guinea fowl, turkeys, cows, rabbits, geese, ducks, and other species!

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In Santa Inés we know how to keep your adrenaline pumping and that's why we have a completely equipped and specifically designed 100,000 sq/feet Paintball Field in the forest of Fresno trees.

We also offer Extreme Trails for adventurer seekers who wish to have a wild ride on an ATV.