Comprehensive policy on Internet Privacy Hacienda Santa InÉs

Hacienda Santa Inés Policy is to comply with all applicable laws on data protection and privacy.This commitment reflects the value we place on obtaining and maintaining the trust of our employees, customers, business partners and others who share with us your personal information.

The global policy on Internet privacy describes how to Hacienda Santa Inés protects your privacy when you collect personal information on their Web sites. The term "personal information" used in this Policy means information that identifies you personally, either individually or together with other information we possess .

This Policy applies generally to all Internet sites operated directly by Hacienda Santa Inés, or on behalf of it and its business units worldwide (each of them, "CA Yogurfit Web Site").

Privacy Statement website

Although this Policy applies generally to all websites of Hacienda Santa Inés Each website Hacienda Santa Inés has a purpose and characteristics.  In the case that additional or different information regarding a website Hacienda Santa Inés specific, we will provide this information in the respective site or in the privacy statement on the website ("Privacy Statement Web Site") for that site.  Each information or Privacy Statement Web site and adjust individual supplement this Policy, but only with respect to the website of Hacienda Santa Inés in which it is included.


By using the Web site Hacienda Santa Inés or provide personal information, you authorize us to obtain, use and disclose your personal information as described in this Policy and in accordance with the Privacy Statements on the website or applicable country.  If you do not authorize the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information as described in this Policy (and in accordance with the Privacy Statements on the Web site or country), do not use Internet sites Hacienda Santa Inés

Limitations on the collection, use and disclosure of personal information

To the extent required under applicable law, if we obtain personal information through the website Hacienda Santa Inés, this:

» We notified in a timely and appropriate information about their practices in terms of data;

» Only get, use, disclose and transfer such personal information with your permission, which may be expressed or implied, depending on the sensitivity of your personal information, legal requirements and other factors;

» Just get your information for specific and limited. The information we collect is that which is relevant, appropriate and relevant to the purposes intended;

» Will process your personal information in a manner consistent with the purposes for which it was originally collected or for those that you had subsequently adopted;

» It will take all commercially reasonable measures as may be to ensure that your personal information is reliable for its intended use, accurate, complete and, if possible, due date;

» Do not use your personal information for direct marketing purposes without giving you the opportunity to" opt out "and

» Take such measures as may be necessary, whether by contract or otherwise, to properly protect personal information disclosed to a third party or transferred to another country, even if it is transferred internally within Hacienda Santa Inés

Information obtained through the websites of Hacienda Santa InÉs and how it could be used

There are 3 ways we can obtain information about you when you access and use a website Hacienda Santa Inés:

1. Information sent to us by your Web browser:

Hacienda Santa Inés obtains information that is sent to it automatically by your web browser.This information usually includes the IP address of your Internet service provider, the name of your operating system (such as, Macintosh ® or Windows ®) and the name and version of your browser (such as, Explorer ® or Netscape ®).  The information we receive depends on the settings of your browser. Please check your browser if you want to know what information you send us or how you can change the settings.

The information provided by your browser does not identify you personally. We use this information to create statistics that help us improve our sites and make them more compatible with technology used by our Internet visitors.

2. Information obtained by placing a cookie on your computer:

Hacienda Santa Inés you can get information about installing a "tag" on the hard drive of your computer. This label is known as "cookie."

All our web sites Hacienda Santa Inés use "session cookies." A session cookie is used to label your computer with a unique identifier generated by the computer when you visit our sites.  A session cookie does not identify you personally and expires when you close your browser. We use these session cookies to obtain statistical information about the ways visitors use our sites - which pages they visit, what links they use and how long the visit to each page.  We analyze this information (known as "data flow with the click") in statistical form to better understand what the interests and needs of our visitors and improve the content and functionality of our sites.

Some Internet sites Hacienda Santa Inés also use "persistent cookies." These cookies do not expire when you close your browser, stay on your computer until you delete them.  By assigning a unique identifier to your computer can create a database of your previous choices and preferences, and when to get back those choices and preferences, we can provide it automatically, saving labor and time. For example, if after making a purchase you decide to make another purchase, you receive your shipping address and you only have to confirm it.  If a website Hacienda Santa Inés  use "persistent cookies" we will notify you in the Privacy Statement included in this site.

If you do not wish to receive cookies, you can configure your browser to reject cookies or to alert you when a cookie is placed on your computer. While there is no obligation to receive cookies when you visit a Web site Medical Group acacias, it is also true that you can not use all the functionality of the site if your browser rejects our cookies.

3. Information you provide to us knowingly and voluntarily:

Hacienda Santa Inés collects information that you provide to us voluntarily and knowingly using a Hacienda Santa Inés website, for example, the information you provide when you enter the system to receive email alerts when answering a survey or when it makes us a query or send us an email with feedback. In many cases, this information is personal.

Hacienda Santa Inés uses this information for purposes that you provided. For example, if you provide your email address by logging into the system to receive e-mail alerts, use your address to send the notices that you request.

We also use the information we collect through the websites of Hacienda Santa Inés for various business purposes, such as customer service, fraud prevention, market research, improving products and services and to provide you and your company information and offers that we believe are of interest.  We can also remove any personal identifying information and use the rest for historical, statistical or scientific.

Many Internet sites Hacienda Santa Inés allow you to select how you can use your personal information. In most cases, we ask you to indicate your choices when you are on the page where you provide your personal information.

Personal Information Exchange

Hacienda Santa Inés not send personal information obtained through its Internet sites to mailing list brokers without your express consent mass.

Hacienda Santa Inés may share your personal information with other business units of the medical group acacias. In doing so, these other business units Hacienda Santa Inés  use their information in a manner consistent with the purposes for which it was originally collected (or for the purposes you have authorized later) and only in the manner contemplated in this Policy and in accordance with the Privacy Statements on the Web site or countryother laws applicable to data protection and privacy.

Hacienda Santa Inés may also share your personal information with those third parties that we hire to provide support services. These third parties can only use the personal information we share with them our behalf for the contracted services and are required to maintain the confidentiality of it.

In some cases, Hacienda Santa Inés may share your information with third parties who partner with us to provide products and services to our customers. If we did, we ask these partners to use personal information provided in a manner consistent with the purposes for which it was originally collected (or for the purposes you have authorized later) and only in the manner contemplated in this Policy and  Statements in accordance with the privacy of the Website or country and other applicable laws on data protection and privacy.

Occasionally we may also share or transfer personal information to unrelated third parties. For example, we may provide personal information to a third party (i) request; (ii) to comply with a legal requirement or court order, (iii) to investigate a possible crime, such as identity theft, (iv  ) in connection with a sale, merger, restructuring, liquidation or dissolution of Hacienda Santa Inés or a business unit of Hacienda Santa Inés or (v) under similar circumstances.  In this case, we will take appropriate steps to protect your personal information.

Many of our Web Site Hacienda Santa Inés provide options for the disclosure or transfer of your personal information. In most cases, we ask you to indicate your choices when you are on the page where you provide your personal information.

Security of Personal Information

Your personal information is usually stored in databases Hacienda Santa Inés or databases maintained by our service providers. Most of these databases are stored on servers in the United States.  To the extent required by law, if their personal information had to be transferred overseas, it will give proper notice.

Hacienda Santa Inés maintains reasonable safeguards to ensure the confidentiality, security and integrity of your personal information. For example, we use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to transfer your personal information through the Internet.  Although we apply security measures to protect your personal information against unauthorized disclosure, misuse or alteration of it, like all computer networks linked to the Internet, we can not guarantee the security of the information provided through Internet and accept no liability for any violation of security beyond our reasonable control.

Links to third party web sites

Internet sites Hacienda Santa Inés may contain links to websites of third parties. These links are provided as a service and do not imply that we endorse the activities or content of these sites or any association with its operators Yogurfit does not control these Internet sites and is not responsible for their content, security or privacy. Please review the privacy policies listed on these websites before using them or provide your personal information.

Access to Personal Information

You may review, correct and update the personal information you provide through the Internet site of Hacienda Santa Inés using feed-back mechanisms offered by website Hacienda Santa Inés  determined, by clicking the feedback link, or by writing to Hacienda Santa Inés, Set Address Fiscal

Retention of personal information

Hacienda Santa Inés retains personal information obtained through the Website of Hacienda Santa Inés the time required to provide services, products and information requested by you or in accordance with the retention period provided under applicable laws.

Fathers and Sons

Web Sites Hacienda Santa Inés are not designed for people under 13 years. Hacienda Santa Inés does not solicit or collect personal information from children through their websites, except as permitted under applicable law.  If your child (a) have submitted personal information and you want this information deleted from our records, you may request by writing to Hacienda Santa Inés, To Address Fiscal

Consultation on this Policy and our Privacy Statements

In case of any queries regarding this Policy or the Privacy Statement web site or country, or the use of your personal information, please contact us by writing to Hacienda Santa Inés, To Address Fiscal

Changes to this Policy or our Privacy Statements

Hacienda Santa Inés reserves the right to update or modify this policy at any time and without notice, by posting the revised version of it in our Internet sites Hacienda Santa Inés.  We also reserve the right to update or change at any time Privacy Statements on our web site or country by publishing the amended declaration on the website for Hacienda Santa Inés  In case of changes in this Policy or any Privacy Statement, the amendment only applies to personal information that we obtain after posting the amended policy or statement on the website of Hacienda Santa Inés  concerned.


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